Should You Allow Your Teen To Buy Designer Jewelry?

Parenting certainly has gotten a lot more complicated these days, especially when it comes to raising teenagers. Today’s teens are technologically savvy, sending text messages to friends all over the world, maintaining their own blogs, and in full command of their iPods.

Another area where teens excel is in fashion, with the young ladies keeping up with all of the latest trends including footwear, make up, clothes, even designer jewelry. That last category, designer jewelry, is where some parents are putting their feet down, thinking that their teens will blow all of their money on frivolous items. Certainly, some designer jewelry will be worn once and then forgotten, but if your teen has a flair for fashion, then allowing her to purchase some items or receiving them as gifts just might work out well.

Like so many things these days, designer jewelry has changed a lot. Let’s take a look at some reasons why jewelry lines sold by fashion designers can be the right purchase for your fashion conscious daughter:

Trendy and Expressive Teens are into expressing themselves, using terms such as self actualization to define who they are. Although Leon Popov’s line of butterflies pins and rings might not appeal to her, symmetrically shaped rings, pendants, and earrings from Sarah Blaine Fusion certainly could. And, with a pair of earrings retailing at prices starting around $50, quite suddenly her buy is no more expensive than the 18K yellow gold hoop earrings you craved when you were her age.

Value Priced Some jewelry designed by the most exclusive designers will set you back $2500 for a pin or $6000 for a ring. Clearly, unless you or your daughter has the means to pay for such items, you’ll be avoiding the top designers. However, silver jewelry offers a tremendous value and is something teens are embracing. Popular today is the Hot Diamonds designer line, a collection of earrings, pendants, rings, charms, necklaces and bracelets favored by young buyers. Best of all, Hot Diamonds has a large inventory of goods retailing for under $100, which makes for a perfect birthday or holiday gift.

Easy Shopping Your daughter is knowledgeable about the internet as it is and probably is familiar with all of the quality websites that sell fashion jewelry at wholesale prices. Why not hold her to a budget and let her pick out what she wants? This will give to her an incentive to shop around and a math lesson too: just wait until she compares mall prices with what she can find on the James Allen website! You’ll be amazed at the savings online shopping can bring forth.

As parents, it can be easy to forget that we once embraced long forgotten trends, wrestling with our own parents as to what we could buy and wear. Truly, teen’s tastes are much more expensive than when we were young, but with a budget in place the bank doesn’t have to be busted by the purchase of something she may no longer wear next year. Besides, you want to reward her for helping you download songs to your iPod why not give her something that she really wants in return?

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