Why Purchase Solid Oak Furniture?

There are a large number of reasons why solid oak furniture is by far and away the best solution for furnishing your home. There are many alternatives indeed when looking at what furniture to choose. There are many more modern, contemporary designs and materials that are used today that were not in the past, and now it is not uncommon to find furniture made from plastic or even metal. Solid oak remains a traditional and stylish solution however and is still a fail safe choice when looking for charm and elegance. This article covers the main reasons why oak is the perfect choice for furniture.


The hard wearing nature of oak is the main reason why all those years ago carpenters and craftsman began using it for their designs. It can withstand continued use and stands up very well against everyday wear and tear. Oak is often thought of as an antique material or something suitable for rarely used pieces of furniture in the home or even purely decorative items. The reality is that bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards and everyday table tops and counters all work well in oak. It is a hard, dense wood that does not crack or wear away very easily so you can be sure that once it is in place, your oak furniture or kitchen cupboards will not need replacing ever again.

Cost Effectiveness

The durability of oak goes a long way to explain its economic value. How many people have furnished their home with cheaper alternatives, only to find that it all needs replacing a few years down the line? This is a frustrating, costly and quite common scenario so although solid oak may seem a little on the costly side at first, it makes much better long term economic sense. Furthermore, oak furniture doesn’t lose its value. Oak is stylish and elegant and as a material is unlikely to ever be unpopular. When purchasing oak you are making an investment and one that will increase in value over the years.


It is simply not the case that only traditional homes and places of rustic charm are the only houses that look right with oak furniture. It is versatile in nature which makes it perfect for crafting modern designs and contemporary pieces. It also comes in a variety of textures and tones which adds to it very versatile nature. Everything from bathroom furniture to television stands and computer desks can be crafted from Europe’s finest solid oak. As a rule, the lighter shades are most appropriate for modern designs with the darker alternatives most appropriate for the traditional look.

Style and Elegance

It is very true that oak brings style and elegance into any room. So much so in fact that little else is needed in the way of decoration as oak furniture makes such a statement. It will never go out of fashion and there will always be a desire for it. It has and always will be considered the beautiful of all woods and will continue to be crafted into expertly designed furniture for many years to come. If you really want to add that “wow” factor into your home then investing in some oak furniture will do just that.


One of the most important facets of oak is the tradition that surrounds it. Indeed, oak furniture has a habit of becoming heirlooms in families, passed down between the generations. It never gets old or tatty, rather like a bottle of wine it simply matures. This makes it a valuable addition to any home both in terms of economics and tradition.

Choosing solid oak furniture for your home means you will get to enjoy stylish and well made furniture well into the future. It is durable and versatile, lending itself to any type of furniture. Oak office furniture or oak kitchen furniture can bring a style and elegance into the room unmatched by any other material of furniture design.

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